About Paramparik

PARAMPARIK is all about traditional lineage of humanity. Paramparik, is a non-profit organization engaged in the fields of music, education and medical care of the poorer sections of society.

We, at the juxtaposition of the past and the future, are presented with a responsibility: of ensuring that the future is not ignorant and unaware of the past whence it came from. ‘Parampara’ denotes a succession of teachers and disciples, and can be seen the footprint to an Idyllic mode of life. A life that is holistic and a life that considers itself as integral parts of a whole, sustaining itself through sustaining everyone around it; and achieving that peace everyone seems to be after, yet no one finds.

“Paramparik – The Tradition" is born out of this quest to preserve the ‘parampara’, our oft forgotten yet very relevant traditions, which is more homogeneous than what the world manages to throw at us now.

We have a long and strong musical tradition, dating back centuries before our time. Paramparik claims the responsibility to espouse our musical traditions and to urge its healthy propagation. The vision of our organization consists of, in part, the upholding of our country’s musical traditions, and to contribute to its enrichment and fortification. Keeping the crux of our ‘parampara’, we believe that love and dedication towards music carries more significance, rather than the celebration of the who’s-who of music, and we put less stock in nomination and recommendation.

That brings us to the other side of "Paramparik­ - The Tradition". Parallel to the upholding of the traditions of Hindustani Classical Music, we reach out and act as a funnel to the underprivileged and the deprived: those stripped of the means to learn and heal. Paramparik nurtures and cradles those young minds who have an urge to learn; the section which is denied education for lack of funds, notwithstanding their exceptional grades and aptitude. We strive to provide those students not just with the funds to pursue their dreams, but also to act as mentors, guides and well wishers; so that their learning is wholesome and complete.

Medical Support is another critical area in our society, and we seek to address that by supporting those in severe need of medical assistance. Paramparik maintains three beds in Kolkata's Saroj Gupta Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Kolkata. Children requiring neurological and cardiac surgery are rehabilitated by us, and we seek to resolve, in whatever way we can the gulf of medical outreach in our community.

From an organization to promote Hindustani Classical music to a social arm that churns the mortar of humanity to register some smiles on the faces of those who cannot afford to. It is a long haul, a haul which makes us a closely knit family working towards a very objective goal. The goal is not quantifiable. The goal is not something we can see, or touch. But we know that Paramparik has vested in its people the smiles which all of us want, but few manage to attain.


Paramparik-The Tradition is a non-profit organization. All its resources are dedicated for the upholding of its causes and there is absolutely no vested economic interest of any individual, group or organization behind its strategies and actions.

1. Organizing Music Festivals.
Paramparik regularly arranges musical events, the magnum opus being the Annual Music Conference with the veterans of the Hindustani Classical Music fraternity of India.

2. Promoting Young Talent.
Paramparik delivers special attention to the upcoming young talent’s in the field of Hindustani Classical Music by arranging special concerts for them. This provides a much needed platform for the youth to showcase their skill and launch their career. It also creates an awareness among the classical audience of their presence.

3. Scholarships for Young Performers.
Paramparik has a scholarship for the talented young performers of Hindustani Classical music. Keeping in mind the fact that a number of these performers come from indigent families, who at times are forced to discontinue their pursuit of music due to financial problems – this scholarship plans to support these talents, and help them pursue their careers and prevent the dearth of encouragement Indian Classical Music has suffered over the ages.

4. Workshops.
Paramparik works as a support group with other organizations, or individually, to organize regular workshops conducted by exponents, and attended by general listeners from schools and colleges. It often happens that students from a particular ‘Gharana’ gets limited to the treasures of that school alone. Paramparik would aim at building a neutral platform for these workshops, which would feature the ‘Guru’s’ as well as disciples across ‘Gharana’s’ and schools. We believe that, if successful, this neutral system would be a pioneering effort and would mark a new epoch in the history of Indian Classical Music.


1. Scholarships for Meritorious Students without Economic Backing:
Paramparik aspires to provide scholarship to meritorious students, functioning not only as economic back-up, but also providing support and guidance for the wholesome development of the students.

2. Structured Personality Grooming:
To make the students more equipped for the professional world Paramparik provides structured personality grooming for each pupil. This is intended to be delivered through organizing workshops, seminars, lectures with academicians, industrialists and entrepreneurs.

3. Student’s Home:
Paramparik dreams of a Student’s Home for the hapless students of rural West Bengal, and providing the basic right of food and lodging to them.

Paramparik takes special care that students grow as individuals, in sync with their academic endeavours, so that in the future they can become responsible members of their society and can, in turn, extend their hands to those who need it. To us it is not only academic excellence, but a subtle mix of social and environmental values that constitutes the ideal student; and we, in our endeavour, aim to impart those same values to our students.

1. Extending Medical Treatment to the Less Privileged:
Paramparik extends financial assistance towards the less privileged, to avail treatment especially in the case of Cancer and Neurological disorders. Paramparik maintains free beds in various Medical Facilities for Cancer patients and for patients suffering from Neurological illness. Economic support in cases of medical crisis, and financial aid to various medical and charitable organisations is also provided by Paramparik.

2. Prompt Disaster Relief Assistance:
Paramparik is also committed to provide prompt disaster relief assistance in case of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities. Paramparik, in addition, dedicates a portion to the cause of reformation and rehabilitation of the affected families.


“PARAMPARIK-THE TRADITION” is a non-profit society registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI 1961. Your support will go towards helping the less advantaged in our community.
You can support us in various ways:

By joining us as a volunteer, you will extend your support to those who are less privileged in our community.

Course Course Duration (Years) Expenditure (per year)
Higher Secondary 2 24000
Bachelor Degree (Arts) 3 30000
Bachelor Degree (Science) 3 35000
Masters Degree (Arts) 3 30000
Masters Degree (Science) 3 35000
Engineering Courses-Government College 4 24000
Engineering Courses-Private College 4 54000
Medical -Government Medical College 5 45000
Nursing 3 35000

You can also donate for the support, welfare and rehabilitation of underprivileged individuals and families affected by serious illness. We provide medical support to cancer patients and patients suffering from neurological illnesses. Also, we have a stream of institutions we act as a donor to, providing equipment and economic support to them. Your funds would go a long way to addressing the serious medical outreach problem we have in the country.


As a non-profit organization, we rely on the on the generosity of SPONSORS to stay afloat and continue to offer support to those who are struggling to pursue career in music and academics.

We appeal to all generous people and music lovers in India as well as abroad and all the corporate houses to strengthen our hand by donating to Paramparik - The Tradition and /or sponsoring events.

“PARAMPARIK-THE TRADITION” is seeking sponsorship from business organizations, who want to support our work in exchange for the publicity we can provide through LOGO advertising in this site, printed and other publicity materials. Moreover “PARAMPARIK-THE TRADITION” will provide publicity on spot in the specific event/ concert as per the amount of sponsorship.


Donations will go towards the running costs and will enable us to help the less advantaged people in our community. Your donation will be received with gratitude and will be used for the advancement of our activities.

Any sponsorship/donation may be made directly to “PARAMPARIK - THE TRADITION” by account payee cheque/draft payable to “PARAMPARIK - THE TRADITION” and post to:

KOLKATA – 700014,

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For donations transferred within India :
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